Facts About Colleyville Real Estate


Many parts of the country are always struggling to rebuild following the housing crisis. However, Colleyville real estate appears as it has never faltered.  Some few years ago, in around 2009 average sales price for homes in Texas was about $125,800 while in Colleyville was approximate $396,378. Today, the average selling price of real estate in Colleyville is about $403,000 which has increased by 69 percent from last year.

Variety On Offer

The grates Colleyville’s major benefactors is that unlike other towns, the Colleyville real estate flea market has properties of all kinds and can fit everyone's needs. Colleyville selling properties include all styles from million dollar estate homes to a superb one-bedroom apartment block. With a good budget you can be assured of find the right home to buy.At Colleyville, they have a motto which keeps them going, "Close to Home, Miles from Ordinary." This doesn't require much explanation, one look at their demographics of the exceptional city will explain the motto to you.

Community Ambiance

Despite the fact that Colleyville is part of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolis, it is the only town in Texas which has not more than a one percent violent corruption and crime rate. Internationally, work commuting is approximately 47 minutes but in Colleyville, the average commute time to work is 28 minutes only. When you buy a real estate in Colleyville, you do not just buy property, but your purchases into a community. There is small-town ambiance with different amenities which are offered by the large city.There are classy boutiques, spas, and bakeries alongside the main thoroughfares and Family Day Movies. There are full-service recreational facilities such as Tot Tumbling and Tai Chi. the life style at Colleyville is live, work and play, meaning everything is available here. Once you purchase Colleyville real estate, you do not have to go outside in search of anything since everything has been provided close to you.