5 Points to Discuss With Your Colleyville Real Estate Agent


It is really great to leave all the stress involved in buying or selling a house to a real estate agent.  The agent looks for a property on your behalf and brings back feedback from the market to you.  All that is required from you is to let them know exactly what you are looking for and to show up when needed.   Before you can sit back and relax, here are some 5 Points to discuss with your Colleyville real estate agent.

Discuss their experience and knowledge of Colleyville

Working with an experienced realtor guarantees you will save time and money.  Proper knowledge of the location means that your realtor has sales data on their fingertips.  You will get advice on how and when to sell.  You can also be sure that you will not get an under-quoting or over-quoting problem.  All this will be on account of their experience in the real estate business.

Their charges and percentage commission

Talking about the figures is very important.  Your Colleyville real estate agent has to be open enough to tell you the exact charges.   You will need to find out who will foot the advertising bills and how much it will cost.  Listen, ask questions, and get answers before you agree to do business with the realtor of your choice.

Discuss how they plan to market your property

There is a thin line between selling your house in one week and selling it in one year.  This line is called a marketing strategy.  The marketing strategy used by your realtor will determine how fast or slow you will sell.  A good realtor will advise you on any improvements needed on your property before putting it up for sale.  In the case where print advertising will be used, you will need to make some changes in your property.  Fixing cracks, stains, and any other eyesores may be required.  You will need the house in top shape so that the pictures of the house ensure a quick sale.

Price estimates for the property

Your Colleyville real estate agent should be able to give you an estimated price for your property.  This he does through his wealth of experience and knowledge of the market.  Price range can be determined using factors such as; the location of the property, size and design of the house, and the current market trends.  Getting a price estimate will help you determine whether you will be selling at a profit or loss.  This information can help you make deliberate changes on your property to help improve the selling price.

Find out their sales records

Discuss property sales records with your real estate agent.  Get the true information on the sales made and how much time is taken to make these sales.  You should also find out what kind of property makes up the bigger percentage of their sales.  Your realtor may be great at his job and making sales at super speed.  But these could be commercial property and you are looking to sell your house. It is important to find a real estate agent who is best suited for your kind of property.

How To Work Effectively With Your Colleyville Real Estate Agent


Whether you are buying or selling your property, chances are that you will work with the best real estate agent. A good broker will be a great resource to help you evaluate, locate, sell or compare various properties. Here are a few tips that will help you avoid frustrations and complications when working with the right Colleyville real estate broker.

One agent

You should take time to find the right broker to help you buy or sell your property. Best realtors usually get their business through referrals, therefore, ask around. When you choose your realtor, you should only work with one at a time. This is crucial because it is easier to work with one individual rather many experts. Furthermore, it will be affordable for your pockets because you will only pay one person.

Ask questions

Make sure that you ask your realtor lots of questions. This is crucial because it will help you understand the entire process. This is particularly important for those who are buying a house for the first time. Buying Colleyville real estate involves lots of money and procedures and you should understand the ins of all these processes. Whenever you have any burning questions, make sure that you ask your agent.

Agency agreement

Make sure that you sign an agreement with your agent. Real estate agents are required by law to give their clients an agency disclosure. Make sure that you carefully read the contract before putting your signature on it.  This disclosure will be the evidence of your receipt with the agency.  With property agencies, the best is the single agency as you will only be represented by your personal agent.

Your expectations

Let your realtor know the expectations that you have.  Tell your Colleyville real estate agent if you want to be driven to sample various homes as most will offer this service. You should also let him/her know about your expectations regarding communication.  Discuss about the modes of communications that you desire and how often you want the realtor to communicate to you.  You should also set time frame and goals that are realistic.

Keep your appointments

You should go for all appointments with your real estate broker. This is crucial especially for those realtors that are busy. Just the same way you will not want anyone to waste your time; you should not waste their time. This is because you are definitely not the only client that the broker is working with. If you cannot make it for an appointment, make sure that you inform your agent in advance.When working with an agent, make sure that you determine your needs and your wants.  Your needs are non-negotiable factors like price or the features that you want your property to have. Needs are those elements that you may wish to have but they are not a necessity. Make sure your realtor can differentiate what you really need and what you can compromise. This will help him/her to only focus on Colleyville real estate properties that are within your interest scope.