Marketing Strategies Used in Colleyville Real Estate


Knowing realtors marketing strategies is important to both property buyers and sellers.  As a buyer, you need to know real estate marketing strategies, so that you will know where to get information on open listings.  If you are a seller, knowing how your agent plans to market your house is also essential.  As a seller, your Colleyville real estate agent will give you a marketing strategy plan.This plan contains information on how and cost of marketing your property. The method of advertising chosen by a realtor is always dependent on their experience, new technology and the cost of advertising for the property. Here are the marketing strategies used in Colleyville real estate.

Real Estate Marketing Websites

Online is always the first place that buyers go searching for information. Having an online presence is very important for a Colleyville real estate firm. Colleyville real estate firms advertise their listings on bigger real estate websites.  These websites include listings from other realtors too.

Advertising on Their Company Websites

This is still online marketing but what will be shown here is only what the specific realtor has listed.  This website may have different categories of property.  Commercial properties will be listed differently from housing properties.  This allows easier navigation for anyone visiting the site.

Video Tours on the Website

This is a bonus feature that real estate companies have started using recently.  A video of a property for sale is posted.  This video shows the location and exactly how the house looks.  The video will show the special features of the house, both inside and outside.

Using Social Media Advertising

Social media has grown to be the biggest way of advertising and Colleyville real estate has not been left out.  Realtor companies are creating social media accounts and employing managers for these accounts.  Open listings are advertised here and they also answer buyers questions directly on these accounts.  This is an easier way of advertising; it is cost effective and reaches thousands of people at a go.

Open House Marketing

Surprising enough, this old-fashioned way of advertising a house for sale still works!  Buyers get a chance to tour the premises and do a visual inspection. They also get the chance to talk to the sellers and ask as many questions as they can.  Face to face communication with a seller is more fulfilling than reading advertisements and watching videos online.

For Sale Signs

This is another old-fashioned advertising method that still works. It is cost effective and reaches a good number of people.  The ‘FOR SALE’ sign usually contains the name of the realtor behind the listing and their contact information. When a home buyer sees this notice, there are already two things that get catered for automatically. One, the buyer already knows the location of the property, and two, the buyer has already seen the outside of the property.

Print Advertising

The importance of print advertising cannot be overlooked. The sellers combine catchy words alongside high definition pictures of the property on sale. These two combinations catch the attention of buyers and make them want to know more about the listing.