5 Points to Discuss With Your Colleyville Real Estate Agent


It is really great to leave all the stress involved in buying or selling a house to a real estate agent.  The agent looks for a property on your behalf and brings back feedback from the market to you.  All that is required from you is to let them know exactly what you are looking for and to show up when needed.   Before you can sit back and relax, here are some 5 Points to discuss with your Colleyville real estate agent.

Discuss their experience and knowledge of Colleyville

Working with an experienced realtor guarantees you will save time and money.  Proper knowledge of the location means that your realtor has sales data on their fingertips.  You will get advice on how and when to sell.  You can also be sure that you will not get an under-quoting or over-quoting problem.  All this will be on account of their experience in the real estate business.

Their charges and percentage commission

Talking about the figures is very important.  Your Colleyville real estate agent has to be open enough to tell you the exact charges.   You will need to find out who will foot the advertising bills and how much it will cost.  Listen, ask questions, and get answers before you agree to do business with the realtor of your choice.

Discuss how they plan to market your property

There is a thin line between selling your house in one week and selling it in one year.  This line is called a marketing strategy.  The marketing strategy used by your realtor will determine how fast or slow you will sell.  A good realtor will advise you on any improvements needed on your property before putting it up for sale.  In the case where print advertising will be used, you will need to make some changes in your property.  Fixing cracks, stains, and any other eyesores may be required.  You will need the house in top shape so that the pictures of the house ensure a quick sale.

Price estimates for the property

Your Colleyville real estate agent should be able to give you an estimated price for your property.  This he does through his wealth of experience and knowledge of the market.  Price range can be determined using factors such as; the location of the property, size and design of the house, and the current market trends.  Getting a price estimate will help you determine whether you will be selling at a profit or loss.  This information can help you make deliberate changes on your property to help improve the selling price.

Find out their sales records

Discuss property sales records with your real estate agent.  Get the true information on the sales made and how much time is taken to make these sales.  You should also find out what kind of property makes up the bigger percentage of their sales.  Your realtor may be great at his job and making sales at super speed.  But these could be commercial property and you are looking to sell your house. It is important to find a real estate agent who is best suited for your kind of property.

Responsibilities of Real Estate Companies in Colleyville


Every so often you are advised not to go solo into the real estate market.  You are always told that it is best to seek services of real estate agencies.  ‘Don’t buy or sell property directly’, they always say.  But have you ever been told what the responsibilities of real estate companies in Colleyville are?  Here are some of the responsibilities of a real estate company to both buyers and sellers of property in the market.To a buyer, real estate companies in Colleyville are responsible for;

Advising on property listings

Tell your chosen real estate company the kind of property you are looking for.  From the information you give, they should be able to let you know the available listings that fit your requirements.  A real estate company should also provide further information on the listed properties.  This information may include the property prices.

Arranging for viewing of the property

A well connected real estate company will be able to arrange a visit to the houses of your interest.   This is mainly done through having open house sessions where you get to talk to the sellers too.

Acting as the middleman between the buyer and the seller

This is done through providing you with all information from the sellers to you and from you to the sellers.  Once all communication has been relayed and an agreement is reached, your realtor should provide the agreement statements and sale contracts to you.Responsibilities of real estate companies in Colleyville to property sellers include;

Advising on pricing of your property

A company that is well experienced in the market will tell you the expected price of your house.  The price will be based on several things such as the location and architectural design of the property.  While still talking about money matters, it is important for your realtor to inform you of all their charges.  This should be done and agreed upon before you get into business with them.

Advising on a sale and marketing method

The realtor should advise on the best and cost-effective way of selling your house.  Have you ever seen a situation where a house remains on sale for over a year? Your real estate company should be strategic enough to ensure that this is not you.  Marketing can be done through advertising or through having an open house.  What is important is to let the expert (the realtor) decide for you.

Communicate all feedback from buyers

All feedback received from the market needs to be communicated to the seller.  Getting all the negative and positive feedback from buyers and the offers received will help you both come up with new strategies.  You will know exactly what buyers want and give it to them.

Prepare sale contracts on behalf of their client

There is so much paperwork involved in buying and selling a property.  It is the responsibility of real estate companies in Colleyville to prepare the various contracts.  The realtor should take time to explain to you what the contracts are all about.  After doing this, they will arrange for signing of the contract and receive the down payment on behalf of the seller.

5 Tips To Follow When Looking For Cheap Houses For Sale In Colleyville Texas


A Budget is one of the key considerations that individuals must make when buying property. This is the main reason why individuals will look for affordable houses for sale in Colleyville Texas. With a cheap house, homeowners can smoothly pay for the monthly rates on their mortgage and avoid foreclosures. These guidelines will help you get affordable homes.

Ask around

To get cheap properties, you should ask around. Drive around the neighborhood that you like and ask people that you meet about houses on sale. This will help you get affordable houses, especially for homeowners who have not listed their properties yet. This is because you can negotiate for a good deal without the seller including agent commission and other fees.

Check out MLS reports

You should look at MLS reports to confirm the length of time that a certain property has been listed there. Some properties are relisted after their MLS contract expires. This means that such a house may have been in the market for a long time. For houses for sale in Colleyville Texas that have stayed in the market for long, the sellers will usually accept a lower price. Therefore, you should check for property marketing period (PMP) and Continuous days on market (CDOM) when checking out MLS listings.

Consider foreclosures

If you want affordable homes, you should consider foreclosures. You may find lots of foreclosed homes that are in great neighborhoods and have all the qualities that you desire. However, you should be careful because an enticingly low buying price can be deceptive sometimes. You may get cheap houses that require lots of repairs and will be quite costly in the long run.

Check out several houses

To find great deals when looking for houses for sale in Colleyville Texas, you should check out several homes. Make sure that you check out countless open houses in your neighborhood. You should also agree with your realtor about the number of homes that you wish to view in a day.  Make sure that you take note of those that you love and those that you don’t. The more properties you sample out, the better your chances of getting excellent deals.

Check out short sales

Short sales are one of the great ways of finding cheap houses. This is because the owner still owns the home, but the bank has allowed them to sell at a lower price than the current mortgage. Short sales are designed in a way that the bank can avoid foreclosure. You might end up with a beautiful house at a cheaper price. However, your savings will largely depend on the bank and the current mortgage.You do not have to buy the most expensive property in Colleyville for you to be happy. Irrespective of whether you are procuring an investment property or primary residence getting a good deal is paramount.  There are many creative ways that you can get cheap houses for sale in Colleyville Texas that you will be happy with. The aforementioned tips will definitely steer you in the right direction. 

What To Consider Before Investing In Real Estate Colleyville


Purchase and sell of real estate has become a great investment for people over the years. More and more individuals are investing in the property market because of its countless benefits. Just like any investment, it is not good for you to just spend your money without proper planning. There are a few factors that will influence the success rate of your property investment. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals to consider the following when buying real estate Colleyville TX residents love.

Income Stability

You should confirm the stability of your income. You want to be sure that your income will be stable or will increase over time. This is crucial especially if you are purchasing property through a mortgage. If you are not sure about your financial future, then you should avoid taking a mortgage. You do not want to have financial problems in the future if you lose the source of your income.


When buying real estate Colleyville TX property, you should consider the location. This is crucial especially if you are planning on selling the property later on. You do not want to own the best property that is situated in a part of town where finding a tenant or buyer may take a longer period. Choose a property that is in close proximity to scenic views, transport hubs, amenities, schools, hospitals and in a safe neighborhood.

Credit Score

Your current credit score is a crucial determinant if the interest rate that you will get for your mortgage. Make sure that your credit standing is good because a few points down or up will negatively or positively affect your interest rate and this can amount to thousands of dollars. You should raise your credit score above the standards before applying for a loan to purchase your house.

Future plans

You must determine your plans for the real estate property before you invest in it. You should know whether you want to sell the property later on or you plan to live there for a long time. You should also know whether you will rent out the place to tenants or not.  Make sure that you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of different real estate Colleyville TX properties.  This will help you pick a situation that suits your needs and investment plans.


When buying property, consider constructions in the area that you are investing in. If more houses are being built in Colleyville, then the value of your investment will decrease over time.  However, if you are purchasing in a location with limited construction, then the property prices will increase because of limited supply and high demand.  Make sure that you check out the constructions in the area as it will help you determine whether your investment will be good for you in the long run.Investing in real estate Colleyville TX has can be quite profitable for any buyer. However, individuals should not jump to invest without taking time to do a thorough homework. Purchasing and financing real estate properties is much easier when one knows what they should expect and when you should build a good relationship with a seasoned realtor and a mortgage officer. With the aforementioned tips, you will definitely acquire a property that you will be content with for years to come.