Buying Denton, TX Homes for Sale with Acreage

Denton TX homes for sale with acreage

Denton, TX homes for sale with acreage are rising in popularity. As the nation continues to recover from the pandemic, office occupancy is still only about 55 percent when compared to pre-pandemic levels. Remote work options have greatly contributed to what is being called the rural migration trend, especially within easy driving distance to the Metroplex.


Working from home is giving potential home buyers the ability to search farther afield to find their perfect home. These new homes are trending toward more rural locations. Here are five considerations that play an important role when deciding to purchase rural property. 


Motivation to Move


Why are you considering moving to a rural location? The rising popularity of acreages and living in a more rural area is appealing for many different reasons. Some want more space and less noise. A more rural community can also mean a lower cost of living. 


Before making big lifestyle changes, it is important to evaluate why you want to make a change. 




You might not be within minutes of the big city life, but many rural areas have towns with many opportunities for employment, education, shopping, dining, and entertainment. 


Location Remains the Top Priority


No matter the amenities of the property, location is still one of the top priorities for anyone searching for their dream home. Are you willing to commute to work, or drive a little farther to get to your favorite stores? 


Denton, TX homes for sale with acreage are no exception to location dilemmas. When you move farther away from city centers, you will spend more time on the road. Just north of the Metroplex, Denton is an ideal location, but the extra space may come with a longer commute. However, many people no longer have to consider commute time when searching for potential homes. If given the option to telecommute for work, many people are choosing to move to a rural location in an outer subdivision or on acreage.


Rural vs. City Living


Moving from a city to a rural community involves many changes. Take time to evaluate what you want from your new home and community. You can find the house of your dreams, but you also need to fall in love with the community. Aspects of life that might be different include:


  • Safety

  • Noise, air, and light pollution

  • Cost of living

  • Traffic

  • Community culture


Working with an expert realtor who specializes in the area of your interest can help you decide if a community is right for you. When considering Denton, TX homes for sale with acreage, Smart Realty has experts on local life who can help guide you.


Financial Considerations


Many potential buyers are unaware that buying land is different than buying real estate. Land purchase mortgages often require a larger down payment and have higher interest rates when compared with buying a home. Structures on the property, including a house or outbuildings, impact the structure of the purchase documents and requirements. 


Denton, TX homes for sale with acreage are Available Now


Buying real estate or land is a complicated process, especially for first time buyers. Smart Realty has the experience and expertise to help you navigate through the process of finding and purchasing your new rural home. 


Our detail-oriented staff know and love the communities in and around the Metroplex. We can help you find and purchase the home that fits your wants and needs while also matching you with a community that fits your desired lifestyle. 


Contact us today to start the journey to finding your perfect rural acreage. 

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