Homes for Sale in Grand Prairie, TX, Under New HOA Rules

Homes for sale in Grand Prairie Tx

Homes for sale in Grand Prairie, TX are occasionally located in developments with a declaration of covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs), also known as homeowners’ associations (HOA).


An HOA is an administrative framework that works to maintain standards within a planned community. There are many pros and cons to consider when looking for a new home in a neighborhood with an HOA. 


HOAs are beneficial, providing residents with services and amenities such as trash removal and recreational facilities. They also enforce rules and can help advocate or mediate issues among residents. Being part of an HOA usually comes with an additional fee. In Texas, these fees range from $10 to over $500 per month, in addition to rent or mortgage payments. 


Know the Law: Prohibitions vs. Regulations


If you have any questions about the legality of an HOA regulation, it is important to communicate with a legal professional or government official. When looking for homes for sale in Grand Prairie, TX, it is important to know what an HOA can and cannot prohibit. 


There are some exceptions in each category, but an HOA generally has limited authority when it comes to:


  • Solar Panels and solar energy devices

  • Display of the American flag, Texas flag, or a flag of the United States Armed Forces

  • Display of religious items

  • Swimming pool enclosures

  • Security measures

  • Other restrictions


If you have specific questions, consult the full Texas law that can be found in Chapter 202 of the Property Code. If there are restrictions not specifically stated in Texas law, a resident must refer to their CC&R documentation for more information. An example of this is parking issues or mailbox decorations.


Homes for Sale in Grand Prairie, TX Affected by New Rules Under SB 1588


Laws are constantly changing and updating. As of September, 2021, some HOAs now require property owners to submit potential property improvement plans to an architecture review committee for approval. This approval is in addition to required building permits and other governmental regulations. 


In response to these new requirements, Texas lawmakers introduced Senate Bill 1588 which regulates review authorities for HOAs consisting of more than 40 lots. SB 1588 protects property owners by creating an appeals process for denied applications and restricting who can serve on the review committee. 

Many potential homebuyers are looking for homes for sale in Grand Prairie, TX with renovation potential. Buyers want the ability to change their property and make it their own. Changes can include internal and external upgrades. Any changes to exterior aesthetics may require participation in an HOA architectural review, so keep that in mind when considering buying a home in an HOA-regulated neighborhood.

Smart Realty Understands HOA Guidelines


When you’re ready to find your new luxury home in Grand Prairie, TX, Smart Realty has the buyer resources you need to understand HOA regulations. Is a neighborhood with an HOA right for you? The Smart Realty team takes the time to “read the fine print” and can help you understand exactly what you’re getting into. We are familiar with Texas property law and can help potential homebuyers ask the right questions in order to make the best decisions when searching for their new home. Trust the experts and contact our team today. 

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