Homes for Sale in Trophy Club, TX Showcase Top Kitchen Trends

Homes for Sale in Trophy Club, TX

Many of the homes for sale in Trophy Club, TX showcase modern kitchens with luxury features and finishes. 


A home’s kitchen is the most important room of a house. Gone are the days of the hidden kitchen and formal dinner parties. Everyone uses the kitchen, including guests. We now live in a time of relaxed gatherings where everyone ends up leaning against the kitchen counters, casually talking, or helping to prepare or clean up. 


Here are five of the top 2022-2023 kitchen trends you’ll find in the finest homes for sale in Trophy Club, TX.

Cozy Colors

Say goodbye to the previously popular all white kitchen. The most popular wall colors are now in the greige family. Choosing colors ranging from gray to beige tones create a cozy comfortable space with room for accents. 

Slab Backsplashes

A slab backsplash is an extension of the countertop material that in some homes continues to the ceiling instead of stopping at the bottom of upper cabinets. It anchors the space, giving the sense of a larger area. It also gives a cleaner look because there are fewer grout lines and seams than when using tile or other backsplash materials. 


Visually minimalistic wood cabinets add to a cozy and clean feel. Minimalistic finishes also have little or no hardware and flat-faced surfaces. Vertical cabinetry design is popular when optimizing space without making the kitchen feel crowded. 



The most popular material for countertops continues to be quartz with rounded edges. Like marble, quartz is a natural stone, but is more durable. It is also non-porous and non-absorbent meaning less bacteria or stains. 



The all-white kitchen may be out, but white appliances are making a comeback. They add to a cleaner, more minimalistic look. Appliance features such as energy efficiency and water conservation are also popular. 

The top of the list in appliance trends are smart features. Refrigerators can now make your grocery list, or tell you if you are out of milk if you forgot to check before going to the store. 

Homes for Sale in Trophy Club, TX

Are you looking for a home that has some of the most up-to-date designs that feature current trends? If you look for homes for sale in Trophy Club, TX, you won’t be disappointed. Properties in Trophy Club, TX and surrounding communities are available now. 

The Smart Realty team is ready to show you homes that feature the most current designs. Finding your dream kitchen will lead to finding your new dream home. Contact us today to work with a realtor dedicated to learning and finding the home that matches your vision of the perfect space. 

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