Keller Homes for Sale See Big Returns on Home Improvements

Keller homes for sale see big returns on home improvements.

When getting ready to sell a home, many think extensive improvements are necessary to attract a buyer, but this isn’t always true. In 2022, homeowners in the West South Central region of the United States rarely saw a positive return on investment for large projects. Choosing minor changes and updates show higher returns and increased resale value, making them the leading improvement trends in Keller. Homes for sale continue to receive a higher return on minor improvements over major remodel projects. Here are three cost-effective improvement projects you can do today to invest in raising the value of your home. 

3 Cost-effective improvements 

By choosing smaller budget-friendly improvement projects, your investment return potential remains high. Consider these three cost-effective improvements to add value to your home. 

  1. Prioritize repairs. If you’ve kept up with maintenance, you shouldn’t have many repairs to address. A simple way to avoid expensive improvement costs associated with your AC or furnace is to have regular service appointments. Painting is another minimal investment that packs a big punch for property aesthetics. 
  2. Remodel on a budget. Look for big improvement opportunities in small spaces. One of the first improvements potential buyers look for is an updated or remodeled bathroom. Instead of taking on an entire remodel, consider updating the fixtures. A relatively small investment to replace faucets and towel racks can significantly impact the look of a bathroom. 
  3. Consider sustainable options. Did you know some communities offer incentives for incorporating renewable energy and other sustainable upgrades to your home? Smaller projects that increase the green aspects of a property can be as small as updating ceiling fans to more energy-efficient models. 

Discerning if large-scale remodels or smaller improvement projects are best for you can take time to process. Smart Realty is here to help you through every step, including working with you to make informed decisions about which improvements are worthy. 

Updated Keller homes for sale are ready for buyers

The Smart Realty team understands the relationship between the costs of an improvement project and the potential value the project will bring to a property. We also know how both relate to the overall profit of your sale. By balancing cost and value, the Smart Realty team can help you choose the correct improvement projects that raise your property value while realizing the highest return on investment potential. 

We’ve done just that in Keller. Homes for sale in this family-friendly community have the precise updates to make the first impressions that attract buyers. Our team’s detailed knowledge of individual markets contributes to our ability to expertly guide home sellers to improve their property value and meet sale expectations while maintaining a budget.

Selling your home in Keller or anywhere in North Texas can be complicated. This process includes decisions about many details, most of which come before a property is even listed. Our team has extensive knowledge and resources available to sellers that cover the entire real estate selling process

Contact Smart Realty today to discuss preparing your home for the competitive real estate market. 

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