Realtors in Fort Worth, Texas: Expertly Set the Stage to Sell Your Home

Realtors in Fort Worth, Texas: Expertly Set the Stage to Sell Your Home

So you’ve decided to sell your home. That’s great news! An essential step to selling your property is to stage your home for potential buyers. Did you know sterile, all-white spaces are out and cozy is in? If not, that’s ok. Partner with realtors in Fort Worth, Texas, and set your home up to attract the perfect buyer. 


Why does my house need to be staged? 


Buyers want to easily see themselves and their things in a space. Whether the home is vacant or occupied, staging is the best way to allow them to do this because it maximizes space and features to create better photos and online tours. It also improves the in-person experience, all of which shortens the sales timeline. 


Staging to attract potential buyers might seem daunting, but realtors can guide you through the process and help sell the property faster. 


5 Staging Suggestions

The national average cost for staging a home is around $1,000. Your cost could be less or more, depending on where you live and how much work you need to do to check all the following boxes:


  • Furnished. If a home is vacant, minimal furnishings need to be added back in to allow the prospective buyer to gain perspective of how things fill a room.

  • Clean. Presenting a clean space shows you’ve cared for the property. 

  • Remove personalization. You want your buyer to imagine themselves in the space. That is difficult to do with your family pictures on the walls.

  • Define each space. Each space should have a clear purpose. 

  • Go back to neutral. Consider changing statement colors to neutral options, and maximize the impact of available natural light. 

  • Remember curb appeal. The outside of your property gives a potential buyer the first impression. Make it count. 

These five suggestions will get you started, but your realtor can give you ideas that specifically apply to the property you want to sell. 


Follow the trends, or not


Leading realtors in Fort Worth, Texas, including those on the Smart Realty team, stay up-to-date on all real estate trends. Knowing the market is essential to selling your home, but knowing current interior decorating trends is also helpful. Retro elements, for example, might appeal to some buyers, but many will want what’s fresh and new.


Your realtor can help guide your decision-making when it comes to what needs to be updated or not. The main goal of staging is to appeal to the most extensive range of potential buyers possible. You can accomplish this by matching your design with the home setting aesthetic. A suburban family home should show potential for family-centered living, not a beach house. 


Industry experts predict several colors that will influence interior decorating trends of 2023. Your realtor will make suggestions to help you decide how to bring these trends into your space to raise the appeal and advise you on trends to avoid as well. 

Realtors in Fort Worth, Texas, guide the staging process


At Smart Realty, we strive to provide an experience for each client unmatched by other realtors in Fort Worth, Texas. From staging to closing, our team assists you every step of the way. 


Learn more about how we can help you stage your home to sell quickly in the Fort Worth market by contacting one of our agents today

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